Thursday, 16 July 2015

List of Most Followers got Tamil Actors on Twitter

List of Most Follower got Tamil Actors on Twitter

Twiiter ,the 140 characters for spread our expression,This social media network is so famous around the celebrities more the people,because the security and privacy that got on this media.Almost all south Indian actors have their on official account on twiiter ,and the fans are fighting for to make strength for their super stars .Can we look how many followers have each actors ....

Top with Followers 

1. Dhanush              1.83m(18 lacs+)

2. Sivakarthikeyan  1.13m(11 lacs+)

3. STR                      809k (8 lacs +)

4. Suriya                   302 k (3 lacs +)

5. Vijay                     273k (2.7 lacs+)

NOTE : But the followers strength will be change soon,because the actors Suriya and Vijay is just joined to twitter so they must get a growth soon.
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