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Ajith or Vijay Who will Be the Next Super Star - " The Chair is Waiting "

Ajith or Vijay Who will Be the Next Super Star

Their is a big question is going around the Kollywood from last recent years, " Who will be the next Super Star ",But if you ask this to me i will say " No need of this because our Super Star always Rajini ".

But in other side we must think about who will more suitable for the that seat,Ajith ,Vijay ,Suriya or others... 

Fans are always fighting with this topic on the social media,But when analysis this we can identify a think that Suriya is not on the battle field ,Because he do not have as much influence on the Kollywood world ,On the other side Suriya got big support from the Ajith fans also because of this ,That when we look on some social Suriya fans group their will above 40% is got Ajith DP on the profile pic.

So the big fight is going around Vijay vs Ajith (Thala),We can't say any prediction on this ,because they two got same level of fans strength on the Kollywood,But some recent social media survey says that Thala Ajith is over take Vijay on the fan base on social media.But this calculation not be a successful one to finalize the war.

Social Media Status of Actors

Facebook response and support of their stars post ...

Vijay Fan Base : Around 90%

Ajith Fan Base : Around 85%

Twitter RT and FAV response and support of their stars post ...

Vijay Fan Base : 65%

Ajith Fan Base : 90%

Ajith got a big fan base on the media of  Twitter and Vijay got an ok Base,But Vijay got a ever high fan profile on the Facebook,When we analysis his some posts ,fans are just likes and share it ,They ever don't want know what they got in the post,So that loves Vijay got on the FB.

But this calculation doesn't proves for Super Star chair ,But we can say a prediction on the base of this.

And if we goes through recent movie of the actors,Ajith fans are got little higher on that part.Because they Madly loves him and we can seen this on the collections.This not shows Vijay gone down here ,Because from 2011 Vijay's every movie got real decent collection and 2 of them got placed on the 100 cr club also.

2015 is a big year for them Because Ajiths unnamed one Thala56 and Vijay's Puli will got on the floor,From these movies reports we can surely predict who will be the King of Kollywood .

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