Saturday, 22 August 2015

Why Samantha is Too glamorous on Anjaan - " After Anjaan Sam "


When Anjaan hit on the floor everybody asked about actress Samantha's look on the movie,That we seen her too glamour on the film,And she seems in Bikini in first time for a film.I think her lovers heart gone break.

When we asked about this to director Lingusamy ,He said that her role needed that level of glamour,and this is not acceptable for the fans.But from their Samantha's carrier got big push.

Why Samantha ,Why for carrier ??? So many asked this to Sam ,But we thinks reason for it,That Sam's most favorite actor is Suriya,She is die hard lover of Suriya ,Because of this she may feel much more comfortable to act with Suriya,We cant say sure it may also a reason for her approval for these glamours roles.

Before Anjaan 

2010 to 2014 ,Four years she acted in 19 movies

After Anjaan 

2015 and 2016 Two years she singed 11 in leading and counts more...

So the movie Anjaan ,that specific shoots maid Samantha two busy as a actress,And her most them after Anjaan is with Kollywoods super stars.

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