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Neerali movie audience review

Neerali audience review 

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Neerali Malayalam-language thriller drama film directed and co-edited by Ajoy Varma from a screenplay by Saju Thomas, with Mohanlal in the lead role. The film was produced and distributed by Moonshot Entertainments.

Neerali released all around the theaters in Kerala, Movie was performing as expected mixed reviews are coming from the general audience fro the film.

Let's find some of the reviews :

  • Saw the movie with medium expectations but yet the story and plot fails to capture your attention and falls at many level .The Story is very stretched out with unnecessary characters and subplots
  • Mohan Lal could have avoided in acting such a meaningless movie without any story. What entertainment / enjoyment the viewers are getting?. It was almost a painful experience in watching such a pathetic movie.
  • this is one of the worst movie of mohanlal after villain,velipaadintai pusthakam,1971 neerali has no storyline nothing performance of lalettan was very poor
  • First half is good mohanlal and suraj has done a good job their acting is superb... Second half is really boring.. Thrilling part is missing expected more in second half... If the first half is like second half then the movie should be more interesting...
  • Poor stuff.Dragging movie.the 80%movie is in the car.jist dragged to full length.just watch if u want to watch.but not a promising one.good attempt but fragile script
  • The story line is not more than what it is shown in the trailer.. no suspense,action and thriller in this movie... But only thing it thrills is what we will do if we are in that just a watchable movie dont expect any of actions and thrilling scenes... after movie we will think something was missing in this movie... But actors done there duty.. but something is missing

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