Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Sarkar rights were sold for record price " Hindi rights for 24 Cr ".

Sarkar movie Hindi right was sold for record price, Movie scheduled for release on November 5th and already complete the business in to much profit for the producer.

A quote came here : " budget likely to be in 90cr range.. Sold to TSL for 99cr.. TSL selling movie for 130cr+.. Solid 30+cr profit for TSL.."

Media analyst : Tweets

" Adding on to its already humongous prerelease business, 's Hindi dub (for TV and online) rights have gone for 24 CR. Mindblowing! "

USA rights sold for ₹4.1 cr. record for a non-Rajini Tamil film. Canada rights sold for ₹1.3 Cr.

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