Friday, 8 February 2019

Kumbalangi Nights movie review : Feel the life on your eyes

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Kumbalangi Nights movie review 

Kumbalangi Nights one of the most awaited Mollywood film around the youngsters, There is a reason for that too. Since the movie been plotted around a young world. Fahad too much young isn't it, Maybe...

Yes, I am talking seriously this film talk for the young world who was on the life's cliff, Maybe that might be the biggest reason for the movie which archived a warm welcome on the big screen. Shall we discuss something about the story?

The movie plotted around four youngsters who struggle on his life, They are brothers too. But two of them trying to overcome those and rest are trying to keep it down always. Shine and Soubin are really awesome in the movie. They will always near to our heart with the performance.

I can't continue without mention Fahad Fasil, Because he was extraordinary on the screen. We can't imagine how an actor can be transformed like this. Because Fahad was completely shocked us.

The direction was brilliant and Madhu C proved him as a valuable asset to Mollywood town. I can't reveal the complete story to you Since the movie does not have a story at all. It went through a flow of life.

Verdict: I've completely enjoyed the movie, It will be the best option for you this weekend.

My Rating: 4.5/5 ( Sorry about the .5 😂😂)

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